Educating and supporting parents

as they establish healthy sleep habits for their child.

As a sleep consultant and postpartum doula…

I coach parents using gentle sleep solutions

so that your family can sleep better tonight!

Serving ages 0- 4 years old.

Are you exhausted and overwhelmed by multiple night wake ups?
“Waiting it out” is not your only option to achieve sleep. You can get the sleep you need now!

It can be frustrating as a parent if, after the first few months, your baby still wakes up multiple times a night.

There can be multiple reasons why this might be happening. As a sleep consultant and postpartum doula I can look at your baby’s sleep habits and offer you a plan to support your baby’s journey to independently sleeping on their own.


Education and support is key to helping your baby sleep well! I strive to find the right sleep solution for your baby that works well with their personality and your parenting style!

As a mom I realize the importance of good sleep!

Do you long for sleep filled nights?

Imagine if you had….

increased energy during the day!

a boost in your mood and emotional well-being!

the ability to think more clearly!

With more restful nights, you can approach parenting with greater patience and understanding leading to a more positive environment for your baby!

An understanding of the newborn to be able to enjoy this period without exhaustion and worry.

Finding sleep solutions that work with your family’s sleep goals is what I do best!

Hi there! I’m Brie Ann, a Sleep Consultant and Postpartum Doula. I provide reassurance, encouragement and support throughout the sleep training process, making the journey smoother for both you and your baby.

As a mother of 3, I also experienced sleepless nights! I struggled with an infant who wouldn’t sleep, a baby with reflux and a child with medical issues that kept me up at night. I remember looking forward to bedtime hoping that “tonight would be better.”

You don’t have to struggle and endure through years of sleepless nights!